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Myth or Reality: Deleted emails cannot be restored

How frequently have you faced a condition when you accidentally deleted your most important emails? If you haven’t, then you are lucky and if you have already facing such issue, what are you doing to resolve the entire situation. Well, the good thing about facing such circumstance is you can restore your deleted mail just by taking help of a proficient third party email recovery tool. But at the same time, the real matter of concern is you must have to act quickly. You just have a small time-frame in which you can try to recover your lost email. The more you waste time in using drive for an act that is not related to recovery of email, the more you reduce the chance of having a successful email recovery. Well, you must be wondering why?


Generally, a simple operation of deleting an email just erases only the index or the pointer to that file. Consequently, it makes it difficult for the operating system search the index of lost file. The moment file gets deleted that particular location is just marked as "new" making way for new data. You must understand the fact that hard drive is constantly overwriting files to make space for new information that you input. And, once the hard drive gets filled, there will be no much space available. Probability gets high that the email has already been overwritten and permanently got deleted.

However, working on with Microsoft Outlook, you could restore email that might have got deleted accidently. Here is a simple approach that needs to opt:

  • In the left pane of the Outlook window, just click on the Deleted folder.
  • At the bottom of the window, you would require to click on recover deleted messages
  • MS Outlook will restore messages as possible and put them in your Deleted folder. If you can’t find deleted emails that you wanted, it means it have got deleted permanently.

After you recover deleted messages back in your Deleted folder, make sure you move the important ones to the inbox or personal folders as the Deleted folder gets cleaned out periodically.

The problem that might face is the hardware failure or crashing of your operating system. Not every deleted email goes to "Trash" folder. Situation could arise where you might face a computer crash or hardware failure of your operating system in some way. If such condition arises, then possibility of retrieving deleted emails gets doubtful. Also, if you have not deleted the email usual way due to file corruption, then also the chance of restoring email decreases. Therefore, to overcome from all such issues, the most ideal approach that you can opt is deleted email recovery software. In fact, you could recover permanently deleted emails from ‘Deleted Folders’ by using deleted email recovery software.

Recovery for deleted Outlook PST files

Microsoft Outlook makes use of PST (Personal Folder File) to maintain entire user email data. At times, user may delete their important PST files accidently, therefore, the need to recover them become mandatory. The most feasible solution to restore the Outlook PST files and find deleted emails is the third party PST file recovery tool. The tool can recover permanently deleted emails which corrupted due to errors.


Recovery for deleted Outlook Express DBX files

Outlook Express maintains user's email, contacts and other data. Situation arise where a user wants to access Outlook Express folder but not able to do so due to error. Using Outlook Express Recovery tool one can execute deleted email recovery from DBX file.

As a user you can take help of Outlook PST Repair tool and Outlook Express Repair tool to make efficient deleted email recovery. Both the utilities embed a user-friendly interface and hence no technical expertise is required to operate them. The tool s are available in demo version at free of cost and so you can also evaluate its efficiency in retrieving the deleted email items easily.

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